The Maui Masterclass

Presented by Tarl Yarber with Guest Speaker Brandon Turner

September 6th – 10th 


September 13th – 17th 



Watch a quick video from Brandon and Tarl about the Maui Masterclass

What is the Maui Masterclass?

The Maui Masterclass is a four day jammed packed life changing event focused on helping YOU scale and grow your real estate business through an intimate workshop based learning environment with other real estate go getters…all while experiencing the island of Maui!

Are YOU ready to take your real estate business to the Next Level?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking to meet other badass real estate investors and have a world class experience in Maui at the same time?
  • Are you wanting the tools and resources to help scale up your business from where it is today?
  • Do you feel like you have reached a ceiling or are uncertain of where to go with your real estate business?
  • Do you want to learn how to scale and systemize your business so you can either have more quality of life OR crush it at a whole new level!?
  • Do you just want an excuse to have the time of your life in Maui with other like-minded kick ass investors?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this event is for you. This small group workshop based event is meant for investors who not only want to gain more resources, tools and strategies to help grow their businesses, but also build lifelong relationships with other go-getters in the business all while experiencing the island of Maui. Since this is such a small group, we want to make sure everyone is a great fit, so not only must you be someone who can add value (and not just take value) to the group, you must all meet the minimum experience required to attend.

Your Host

Tarl Yarber

Fixated Real Estate

Guest Presenters

Brandon Turner

Best Selling Real Estate Author & Founder of Open Door Capital

To Be Announced

Stay tuned for more information on other guest presenters

Brief Schedule of Events (subject to change)

Day 1 – September 6th or 13th 


  • Arrive in Maui (or you can come sooner! But must be in Maui by this day).
  • Enjoy the resort and the island of Maui.
  • Relax and get excited about the days to come.

Day 2 – September 7th or 14th


Experience the island of Maui and build relationships with fellow attendees and the hosts/presenters.

  • Private charter catamaran!
  • Snorkel/Snuba/Scuba, the choice is yours! and/or…sunbathe and drink with us on the ocean!
  • Whole group island experiences!
  • World class Luau event!

Day 3 – September 8th or 15th


  • Create a vision for you and your company that will drive you and motivate others.
  • Work with the hosts and guest presenters on getting clarity and direction.
  • Begin building a road map that will lead you and your team to the next level.
  • Where there is no vision, the people perish…but where there is vision, the people flourish!

Day 4 – September 9th or 16th


  • Overcome scaling issues in your business.
  • Learn how to build culture and create a super star team.
  • Discover bottle necks and hurdles stopping the growth of your business.
  • Why do some people thrive in this business and others do not? How to get out of your own way.
  • Develop key resources and the SOP’s needed to grow.

Day 5 – September 10th or 17th


  • Systemize your business the way you want it.
  • Streamline processes.
  • Create and build systems unique for your business that will help you save time and become more effective.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of yourself and team members.
  • And so much more…

Day 6 – September 11th or 18th


  • Celebrate the end of the event and depart for home.
  • Or…stay longer and keep it going!
  • Explore more of Maui on your own or with the new relationships you created.
  • Begin putting into action the things you learned and obstacles you’ve overcome, along with taking advantage of the new relationships you’ve formed.

Additional experiences throughout the event:

  • Explore Maui with Tarl, Brandon, and other high-level investors and like-minded go getters.
  • Private charter yacht – snorkeling and sailing Maui.
  • World-class cuisine and experience – Kiawe Outdoor (
  • Surfing the Maui waves
  • Private cocktail and networking parties.
  • Enjoy the luxury resort and surrounding areas of the Westin Ka’anapali.

NETWORKING! Your net worth is your network!

  • Networking has been the #1 key to Brandon, Tarl’s and countless others’ success
  • Surround yourself with 30+ other like minded VETTED real estate investors, PLUS the hosts and guest presenters in Maui for the week!
  • Build relationships for life and create or add to your tribe

Who is this event NOT FOR?

  • Complainers
  • Newbies to real estate
    (sorry, we love you and we were new once before, but this event is not for you. Please click link here to be notified of possible events in the future for newer investors)
  • You have no desire to learn and grow
  • Your ego is too large to be able to take responsibility for your business challenges and you are unwilling to look in the mirror so you can create the changes needed to grow
  • You don’t like doing awesome activities and having incredible experiences throughout the island of Maui with amazing people
  • You don’t like having fun and you are too “grown up” or serious
  • You are only wanting to come so you can touch Brandon’s beard or add strands of his beard to your weird hair doll you are making in honor of him

30 Attendees only

Spots are extremely limited due to the nature and exclusivity of this epic experience and event. We want to ensure that not only will you be surrounded by other like-minded go-getters, but also by creating a small group intimate environment, we will be able to help with your specific business challenges as well as foster greater relationships within the group. All potential attendees must fill out the application via the link below and have their application accepted before being allowed to pay for their attendance and secure their spot. In addition to the application, you must meet at a minimum the experience requirements listed below. Please be sure to read all of this section in entirety before applying for attendance.


Start the next steps and begin the application process today

  • Only 30 spots available
  • Must qualify and have your application accepted in order to attend
  • Are you a great fit for this event? Find out and apply now

Price is TBD

(does not include lodging or flights)

What does your investment into the Maui Masterclass include?

What’s included?

  • Full access to the Maui Masterclass workshop
  • All Maui experiences and activities hosted by the event
  • Private Facebook group with other attendees, hosts and presenters
  • Lunches and dinners September 22nd-25th (excluding dinner Friday, September 24th)

What’s not included?

  • Flights
  • Accomodations (attendees are provided discounted rooms at the venue at a first come first serve basis and are highly encouraged to stay at the resort)
  • Friday nights dinner (more explained at the event)
  • Any activities not hosted by the Maui Masterclass
  • Breakfast

30 Attendees only…will that be you?