Tarl Yarber

Tarl Yarber is CEO and founder of Fixated Real Estate LLC, a leading investment company in the Pacific Northwest with over $60,000,000 in single family residential properties purchased, rehabbed, and re-sold over the last 7 years. With over 600 real estate transactions under his belt in his career since 2012, Tarl and his small team are considered experts in the investment industry and specialize in real estate systems for success.

After creating Fixated On Real Estate in 2016, the largest and greatest Pacific Northwest real estate meetup, he found his true passion for helping others scale their businesses to the next level. Tarl is also the founder and creator of the PNW Big Badass Real Estate Wealth Expo, the largest real estate investor conference on the west coast. Tarl currently lives in both Seattle and Maui, living a “lifestyle” based business and is Brandon Turner’s best friend.
You can learn more about Tarl on the BiggerPockets Podcast episodes 189 and 398.

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