Can I bring my spouse and kids?
Ofcourse! Many people do and make this an extended vacation for the family. However, please be aware that YOU (attendee) will have a jammed packed day each day of the event and only paid attendees can attend the activities and sessions provided by the masterclass (some optional activities, spouses may be able to attend based on space availability). Since the event is at a resort, there are plenty of things for the family to do while you are in sessions.
Can anyone attend?
You must follow all the steps and qualify via the application process in order to be considered to attend (click here for the application). Application processing is on a first come first serve basis. Because this is such an intimate and small group workshop, the hosts are taking the application and vetting process very seriously. Meeting the minimum requirements and completing the application in no way guarantees you a spot at the event. Should you follow all the steps to apply, you still must be invited to attend. Good luck!
How do I apply to attend?

Click here to be taken to the application. Be certain you qualify and complete the application in full.

What is the process for accepting and denying attendance?
Click here for a full break down of the application process.
What if my application is denied?
After processing (at least 7-10 days minimum), if your application is denied chances are you did not meet the minimum requirements, the event is already full, the application was not completed in full or with enough detail, or you were not willing to commit to the requirements of the event. There are only 30 spots available so this is a highly competitive event with lots of applications. Good luck!
What if I don’t qualify for the event but still want to attend?
Sorry, maybe we will see you at a different event another time.
Will I get to spend time and network with the hosts and speakers?
Of course!! That’s one of the main points of the event! They want to meet you too!
What is the total cost of the event?
The cost of admission for the Maui Masterclass is $6000 and does not include flights to Maui or lodging at the resort. Resort lodging is roughly $600 a night and attendees will need to be in Maui for at least 5 nights in order to participate. It is safe to assume a minimum investment of $10,000 in order to attend the event.
Where is the event hosted and where do I stay for lodging?
The event is hosted at the Westin Maui Kaanapali Resort and Spa. There is a room block set up specifically for attendees. The resort is selling out very fast, and after paying for your attendee fee ($6000), you will be asked to secure your room at the resort as soon as possible. A link with direct contact for securing your room will be provided shortly after payment for the event is completed.
Do I have to stay at the same resort where the event is hosted?
No, you are not required. However, it is very highly encouraged. All activities and transportation for excursions will all be at the resort as well as all workshop sessions. The hosts have secured discounted rooms at the resort for attendees and with the very high demand of tourists going to Maui at this time, hotels are filling up fast and at a high cost per night.
How is transportation handled throughout the event?

Starting the morning of September 6th/13th (depending upon your registered event) and until the evening of September 10th/17th, all transportation for any event activities will be provided and made available to all attendees. Transportation will start and end at the host resort. If an attendee wishes to provide their own transportation throughout the event, they are welcome to at their own expense.

What is the cancelation and refund policy?
Once your application is fully accepted and you have made full payment of the $6000 event attendance fee, there is no refund for any reason other than the hosts canceling the event for unforeseen circumstances. Should the hosts cancel the event, then a refund will be issued to all attendees. Bottom line, don’t apply and don’t commit to the event if you are not 100% certain you can and will attend.
What about COVID-19?
What about it? The event will follow local guidelines required by Maui county for COVID-19 precautions. Should you personally be concerned about COVID-19 or are considered “high-risk” then you should reconsider attending this event, there are always risks and it is your responsibility as an adult to be responsible for any risks you decide to take. Hawaii and Maui County at this time have strict travel guidelines for entering the state of Hawaii. It is your responsibility to follow the guidelines required by the state of Hawaii in order to be able to enter into the state and participate at the event. Should you not follow the guidelines in order to enter the state, and are therefore unable to attend the event, no refund will be issued.

Learn more about Hawaii travel mandates here: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel/

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